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Mistakes to avoid:

✅ Hiring the wrong person: There is much more to hiring than finding someone with the right talent and abilities. You want to identify potential workers whose personality and attitudes match your companies culture and vision. They must be the "right fit".

✅ Not onboarding them correctly: You must set the right expectations and do the very initial training to ensure the relationship starts off on the right foot.

✅ Not having a clear precise list of job duties, tasks and projects to communicate to your VA. Time-blocking their shifts and using SOP's (standard operating procedures) is imperative to having success with your virtual assistant.

✅ Not managing them correctly. Manage them by results. Proper expectations along with procedures and proper best use practices will help prevent micro managing your VA.

So finding the right virtual assistant that works great with you and your team and, on-boading them correctly can easily help you grow your business substantially and give you more freedom.

And the best part is…

▶️ You don't have to Make all the mistakes! Over the past 10 years we have made the mistakes, failed, and grown stronger to ensure that these mistakes never happen again. And, we will share all of that with you!

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So, what strategies and tasks are others having the most success with in their businesses?*VA*jpg?alt=media&token=d3b0b02a-2e85-484e-9cd4-b38bd5a1a7af

“Phone Support and Telemarketing”

✅ Setting In-Person, Zoom and Phone Call Appointments

✅ Prospective and Follow Up Calls to past, present, and potential clients

✅ Appointment calls to known Business Partners

✅ Virtual Receptionist

“Email Management and Marketing”

✅ Maintaining consistent e-mail follow up to clients, prospects and business partner contacts

✅ Building a Top Of Mind system

✅ Autoresponders Set Up and E-mail automation along with texting

✅ Developing and putting together E-mail content for marketing

“Social Media Management?”

✅ Creating Social media pages from scratch

✅ Social Media business pages optimization

✅ Facebook and Instagram ads set up and targeting methods

✅ Maintaining consistency with relevant content

✅ Automation of social media postings, DM's and interaction with past clients and realtors

“Calendar Management and Scheduling”

✅ Automated, online calendar scheduler set up

✅ Calendar integration and acceess

✅ Calendar invite and automated reminders set up

✅ Confirmation calls and reminder emails for all scheduled appointments

“Event Planning and Coordination”

✅ Setting up landing and registration pages

✅ Workshop partners and collaborators follow up and PowerPoint Set up

✅ Event and workshop marketing and advertising

✅ Follow up systems checklists and follow through before and after the events

✅ E-mail and Social Media Integration and marketing

"Database Management"

✅ Contact data mining and research

✅ Contact data entry and e-mail drip campaign assignments

✅ New and old contact data categories

“And.... So much more.......“

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"I have been looking for a while for a virtual assistant for my business. I start the process early in 2020 but with the COVID-19 pandemic broke out I ended up putting everything on hold for a little while. I recently reached back out to Remote Assistant Scout and with the help of Gerard We were able to find a very highly qualified candidate for a position. I would definitely highly recommend their services." - Kenny Schaaf (Vice President for Lending - Guaranteed Rate) 

""Richard and Gerard are a great team and did a fantastic job finding us the perfect match for our needs. Saved us so much time and trials that are always the barrier which they completely overcame at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend them for short cutting the process of finding the right match for the tasks you specifically need help with and all the pre-screening that insures that you're finding a truly qualified assistant to hire. Thank you so much Remote Assistant Scout!" - Doug Kent (Director of Senior Lending - Christensen Financial Inc.)

"Using Remote Assistant Scout was the best way to find my assistant, Hands Down! I tried using other online platforms and spent hours trying to find the right person and wasted a lot of time with bad results. I had about a 15 min conversation with Gerard at Remote Assistant Scout and a few days later had resume's sent to my inbox of 5 qualified candidates. They even scheduled and hosted the interviews with me! The toughest thing about it was having to pick which one to go with. - Adam Klugh (Mortgage Loan Officer - Success Mortgage Partners)

"I heard about Remote Assistant Scout at a seminar in October and instantly saw the need in my business.  I researched it, spoke to the CEO and partner, and within just a day of signing up I was given four candidates to chose from with resumes, DISC profiles, and voice recordings provided.  I interviewed my top two choices and was blown away on my skype interview with one of the candidates.  I hired her on the spot and she starts on Monday.  I'm so excited and couldn't recommend this provider any more than I do.  Absolutely seamless and pain-free." - Tony Autullo (Area Manager - AnnieMac Home Mortgage) 

"Gerard from Remote Assistant Scout is like having a consultant on board and we know for sure that hiring Joyce, our virtual assistant, will accelerate our growth. Gerard was intense in finding someone right for us and was always on board to help us together. He provided training and coaching to our virtual assistant and it was MARVELOUS! Joyce, our virtual assistant, is verbacious, very good on the phone and has great potential. We are extremely happy an she’s a great addition to us, undeniably." - Jay Atterstrom (Regional Branch Manager - Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.)

"Availing the services of Remote Assistant Scout was a "NO BRAINER" for me. I am impressed with their professionalism and I found my virtual assistant match through their services. The training that they provided to my new virtual assistant, Mielen, was extremely good! Mielen has been a huge asset to my team and operations. She is very proactive, communicates consistently and always on time. Thank you so much for your expert efforts, Remote Assistant Scout!" - McGehee Woolf (Branch Manager - Republic State Mortgage)

“If you are thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, call Richard! Richard and his virtual assistant, Gerard, walk you through the entire process, from what to expect from a VA, what to delegate, to find the best one and helping you with the search process, screening, interviews and on- boarding. I had no idea what I was doing and Richard and his team made it seamless and simple. ” - Jeff Landau (Realtor - Keller Williams Realty Simi Valley)